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The Ultimate Guide to Woven Garments Manufacturing Process: 2022 Edition



In the textile industry, the fabrics are made of yearns for the knitting or weaving process. Here the fabric is the raw material. Then a woven garments manufacturer then converts woven fabrics into ready-to-wear products. Same as, the knit items are produced in garment factories.

To bring out the final garment they maintain a sequential system. Where any type of raw material can go through this process for the desired results. This blog focuses on how a woven manufacturer takes the process step by step.

Step-by-step Process of a Woven Manufacturer Follows

Woven fabric manufacturers in Bangladesh are thriving day by day. Because, they confirm the fabric development before designers get into the operation. The woven manufacturing process follows these basic essential steps in apparel manufacturing.

  • Design

The woven fabric is used for clothing wear and household goods. So, referring to the product type the manufacturers sketch the design first. The further procedure follows that design.


  • Pattern layout

The best woven fabric manufacturer comprises some design tech peck. They provide specific templates on the manual or computerized process according to design. These are your garment patterns that decide the yarns to use. Thus, these patterns are modified while sample development progresses. 

  • Sample Creating

Following the requirements of the buyer, you need to create a sample. In this way, the buyer will review the quality of the sample. Factory production will not proceed without buyers’ approval. In case of any alter needed, the related team highlights the findings from all aspects. 

  • Grading

Buyers appear to a woven garments manufacturer requiring different sizes of their desired garment. For instance- S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

  • Fabrics Marking and Spreading

According to grading and shape, a computerized marker planner is prepared. As the best woven fabric manufacturer, you have to arrange the marker paper on the fabric in a proper manner.

Thus the bulk cutting process as per the making description.

  • Fabric Cutting and Sewing

Afterwards, the whole production focuses on the cutting room. On the basis of different sizes, colors, and other layouts the fabric cuttings go for bundling. Cutting parts bundles proceed towards the operators. They particularly assemble each of the parts and complete the garment.

  • Ironing and Finishing

The next step is the final finishing touch. For example- cutting the extra thread of the garment. Also, laundry service removes defects like stains. Workers apply fusing and steam ironing and a pair of scissors to get an attractive look to the garment.

  • Garments Audit and Checking

Garment quality control of a woven garments manufacturer and exporter ensures the checking process for customer satisfaction. It refers to the performance of the fabric, reliability, durability, visual quality etc.

No matter how careful you are while manufacturing a garment there will always be some flaws. So, it’s a necessary step to match the criteria of the decided quality standard of the final clothing production.

  • Garments Packing Shipment

The final checking process begins with the packaging specification of the garment. The best woven manufacturers make sure about the folding and tags of the clothing. Here, the clothing woven label manufacturer works hand in hand with the clothing manufacturers.

Finally, they are ready to and transferred to cartooning, and ready for shipment.

Final Thoughts

The garment manufacturing process is an ongoing process. Still, not all types of garments need to go through the same process flow. With these basic steps, manufacturers can avoid unwanted hassles with your woven garment.

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