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Experience the Best Woven Items

Woven garments are traditional items that come ages across the world. As time goes by, industries take place in the production of woven items instead of two sticks. For high performance and durability, woven garments have taken place for safety wears, uniforms, out cover, and whatnot. Dhaka Fareast LTD, the renowned clothing manufacturer, and exporter in Bangladesh offers you a wide variety of these items. We provide you industrial woven clothes for both general and corporate use.

Durable, Non-Shrinkable Attires

What makes woven items special? This question has already buzzed in your mind. Woven items are durable and less stretchable. Here, we have tons of woven items in different fabrics. You can choose plain wave fabrics, challis, duck, chambray, chiffon, eyelet, crepe de chine, denim, twill, and any fabric you want for clothing. The exceptional thing is woven items do not shrink even after wash. Also, our produced woven items never get deformed in a lifetime. The best quality yarns and perfect stitching makes our items unique from any other garments across the world.

Proudly "Made in Bangladesh"

Getting excited to know about our woven items? Gladly, you can get any type of apparel here as your desired. For instance- high-quality denim jeans, twill, fishing shirt, vest, CVC pants, trousers, shorts, Bermuda, cargo shorts, swim shorts, capris, casual shirt, rainwear, snowsuit, seasons jacket, golf pant, hunting jacket, hunting vest, hunting trouser, workwear, sleepwear, dress shirts, blouse, skirts, chinos, school trousers, formal pants, joggers, casual jackets, uniforms, beachwear, corporate apparel, corporate uniforms, hospitality uniforms, healthcare uniform, school uniforms and many more. We produce woven garment products based on our customer's designs and specifications.

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Freedom in Customization

Focus on your woven item ideas and leave the rest on us. We prepare your custom design clothes in standard size and desired shapes. You can choose any kind of fun print for crafting, covering, home and outside use wearing on your budget. Clear print patterns, well-knitted textures in clothes are our specialty.

Tremendous Technology

Using up-to-date technology, we make perfect patterns of woven items. We provide you the best garment service with computerized machines. Seamless over-and-under patches of yarns in fabrics are ensured with the updated technology. Most importantly, our quality control is fully monetized by technology. So, maintaining perfection has become our daily routine in production. You will experience a professional garment supply with us without zero hassle.

Eco-friendly Products

Almost 86% of millennials are ready to pay more for eco-friendly clothes. Appreciating this fact, we maintain sustainability from production to packaging. Our target is to preserve the environment by manufacturing apparel and fashion items. Proudly, we are one of the most prominent eco-friendly apparel manufacturers in Dhaka.


Ans: You have got to order a minimum of 500 pieces of items per color.
Ans: Yes, we provide samples. it's considerable to ascertain the standard before the ultimate order.
Ans: Our sampling cost is 3X the FOB price of the item (without a shipping cost).
Ans: You can mail us or contact us directly over the phone. Our team is out there 24/7 for you.
Ans: Presently, our production capacity is 15000 pieces of t-shirts and 5000 pieces of jackets per day.
Ans: Sure, we tend to quote the cheapest possible rate for bulk orders in any garment item.