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7 Types of Woven Fabrics Available for Import from Bangladesh



Bangladesh has earned a reputation of being a hub in garment manufacturing.  Thanks to the clothing exporter in Bangladesh for making it possible. Even though a large part of the credit goes to the cheap labor force and abundance of raw materials. 


Bangladesh exports different kinds of ready-made products and fabrics to the rest of the world. In this article, we will talk about the different types of woven fabric you can import for your fashion house.

Clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh mainly make two types of fabric. On top of that, these fabrics have many categories. Those two types of fabric are knitted and woven. 

Let’s first know about them. 

What is knit fabric? 

Knit fabrics are produced from one or more long interconnecting and looping strands. Similar to how we would knit with knitting needles and a ball of yarn in the traditional way.

A clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh uses knitted fabric for T-shirts, leggings, cardigans, sweatshirts, socks, swimwear, scarves, and coats. 

What is woven fabric? 

Woven fabric refers to any textile created by weaving. Many threads are woven on a warp and a weft in woven fabrics, which are produced on a loom. There are mainly three types of woven pattern. Those are plain, twill and satin. Woven fabric is used for denim jackets, jeans, button-up shirts, trousers. One special thing about woven fabric is traditional clothes like saree, three Pieces, and men’s kurtas. 

7 Most popular fabrics a clothing exporter in Bangladesh produces

Generally, a garment in Bangladesh provides 7 types of fabrics. Sometimes, some other types are specially made on purpose. Though, the main types are- 


  1. Satin fabric: Satin, along with plain weave and twill, is one of the three major textile weaves. The satin weave produces a fabric that is smooth, silky, elastic and has a lovely drape.
  2. Cotton fabric: This fabric is recognized for its comfort, adaptability, and durability. Cotton can be found in almost any sort of clothing: shirts, dresses, and so on. It can, however, wrinkle and shrink.
  3. Chiffon: Chiffon is a sheer, lightweight plain-woven fabric created from twisted yarn. Silk, nylon, polyester, or rayon are common types of yarn.  Due to its light, flowing material, chiffon is found in scarves, blouses, and dresses, especially bridal gowns and prom dresses.
  4. Denim fabric: Everyone in this world is familiar with this fabric. Denim has long been regarded as one of the most classic and adaptable garment fabrics. Denim can be both comfortable and fashionable for almost anyone, from jeans to jackets and more.
  5. Georgette: Georgette is made from the finest silk yarn. It is a multipurpose fabric that is used for many different shapes of dresses, including a line, pleated, flare, and wrap dresses. It is typically used for evening gowns, bridal attire, and special occasions. It is also appropriate for midi and maxi dresses with both long and short sleeves.
  6. Linen: Linen is absorbent, cool, smooth and durable. It is machine washable. However, it must be ironed on a regular basis because it creases easily. Though it can be used to make suits, jackets, dresses, blouses, and trousers. linen is most typically found in curtains, tablecloths, bedsheets, napkins, and towels.
  7. Velvet: Velvet is commonly used in drapes, throw cushions, and home décor. Cotton or polyester velvet would be the ideal choice for decorating because of its durability.

Final Words

Features of fabric are very important to bring out the desired look. Distinct textiles have different qualities that can have a big impact on how you treat your clothes. For example, the fiber content of one fabric will influence how to clean the clothing in a completely different way than the fiber content of another fabric. Hopefully, the above information will help you to make better choices.

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