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5 Common Mistakes Woven Garments Manufacturers Should Avoid



The garment industry of Bangladesh is one of the leading sectors in the world. They are known for exporting the best quality garments worldwide. But what is the reason behind it? Woven garments manufacturers in Bangladesh offer affordable garment exports.  It includes digitization, flexibility, efficiency, environmental sustainability, and innovation in their work as well.

Ultimately woven garment manufacturer is contributing to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. However, this is not always a picture-perfect sequence. Some errors may cause unexpected events. Knowing these in advance can be dealt with efficiently.

In this blog, you will learn about the common mistakes that woven garment manufacturers should avoid. The manufacturing industry operates on an apparel manufacturing and production basis work. So, the highlighted mistakes will combine on both floors. 

1. Ignoring the customer’s needs: 

Before starting any production-based work you need to know what your clients want. It’s necessary to understand what your customer needs. This includes understanding the target market, desired style, and any specific requirements as well.

You have to navigate all your quests to accept obstacles. It helps to plan and process more work for any garment supplier. As the textile industry is more customers centric. That’s why it is important to understand their demand.

2. Lack of a clear production plan:

A clear and concise production plan is essential to avoid errors and delays. The plan should include all necessary steps of the woven garment manufacturing process. Starting from woven fabric selection to final inspection. A proper production plan can save up some time to ensure all the implementations.

Due to several issues, you may need to buy some time to carry out sudden changes or modifications. It’s better to plan ahead of time as you never know which boundaries you will face. Otherwise, the production works may face a disaster.

3. Inadequate quality control:

Quality control is a crucial term in the fashion industry. It ensures that the final product meets customer expectations. This includes checking the fabric for defects and making sure the garment is properly sized and made correctly.

The quality clothing line is available to users worldwide through all suppliers, retailers, and buyers. Consumers will not buy low-quality clothing with defects. Hence, you have to make sure that the quality of the apparel meets the requirements.

4. Paying less attention to detail:

During the manufacturing process, every detail is essential. Elements have to be perfect from stitching to labeling to create a high-quality product. For instance- considering the details you should focus on the below cases.

  • Ensure that the workers are preparing the fabric correctly before cutting. Otherwise, it may lead to inaccurate cutting and sewing, and ruining the final product.
  • Cutting the fabric need to be on the grain. This will keep the fabrics from looking messy.
  • Proper interfacing is critical to the stiffness of your fabric. In fact, it can affect the overall look and feel of an unused garment.
  • It’s necessary to follow the pattern instructions. Or else it can lead your garment to fitting issues.
  • To avoid unraveling or, seam defects, you have to give a good finishing to the line. Similarly, sewing the woven fabric with too much tension stretches the thread. That’s why a lack of attention in the sewing process can cause the seams to pucker in your final product.

5. Ignoring Budget Consideration:

Cost always plays a factor in any clothing manufacturing company. Everything from fabric sourcing to labor wages and then shipping costs involves a huge sum for production. On the other hand, the key to staying in the competition is balancing quality with cost. Thus keep track of all amounts and other requirements for your budget.

Last Words

Best woven fabric manufacturers can create high-quality, well-made garments that look great and last longer as well. Even though it is becoming more competitive now. Bangladesh is thriving in the woven garment industry.

Thus, it has become a priority to keep up with the growing graph. So, buckle up to achieve more quality work and avoid future losses.

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