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How Woven Garments Manufacturers in Bangladesh Are Flourishing Today



Bangladesh is known worldwide for its woven fabrics. These colorful fabrics won the hearts of billions of people because of their versatility and comfort features. Woven garments manufacturers in Bangladesh have been enjoying this competitive advantage since industrialization started. 

History and heritage for thousands of years in Bangladesh makes it famous for woven garments. Bangladesh national wear for women is shari, and for men, it’s Punjabi and lungi.  Though fashion has changed over time, the demand for this woven fabric has not. 

Traditionally in Bangladesh, a woven fabric manufacturer used to sell in informal channels. Still  now worldwide. But how?  Here are the reasons.

Huge demand and growth opportunity 

According to Textile Today, the demand for woven fabric has increased significantly from last year. Based on current export consumption every year, there is a demand for around three billion meters of woven cloth. In light of this, the local mill can only create roughly 45 million meters of fabric. In other words, it’s about 14-15 percent of the total demand. Every year, the country spends nearly $4 billion on fabric imports.

In the previous 5 years, Bangladeshi investors have invested almost Tk 70 billion in the primary textile sector. It has become the backward linkage industry for the readymade garments (RMG) sector. Thus, it  meets the growing demand for fabrics and yarn.

Shorter time for production and delivery 

Nowadays, the duration of time needed to determine whether to choose the manufacturer or not. Even though in this sector they were lagging behind, gradually they have gained control in this as well. Besides, the clients know how to choose them well. Previously, it was an issue to deliver in a short notice period because resources were limited compared to the number of orders. With new textile mills being prepared we hope the delivery period will be reduced more in future. 

Geographical factors also helped a lot in meeting deliveries on time. Bangladesh has seaports like Chittagong ports. Also airports made it easier to deliver apparel products to other continents. This also made it easier for Bangladesh to make diplomatic relations with other countries. 

Cheap labor and lack of regulations

The fact that the garment industry is so huge, Besides lack of regulation made it unbelievably cheap. This has worked for a woven garment manufacturer, as they are able to deliver at extremely competitive prices. 

As almost 80% of foreign remittance comes from this sector, keeping under regulations is challenging. Due to the fact that unemployment rates are high, it’s better to work at the minimum wage than not have a wage at all. 

After some tragic incidents, that made the whole world question the woven garments factory in Bangladesh. Several policies are implemented in favor of workers. Thus some other policies are in process of improvising. 


There is no doubt the woven garments factory profile in Bangladesh is strong. But there are a few factors that are slowing the pace. One of the factors is technological advancement in the garment industry. It is quite evident that in terms of technological advancement Bangladesh is lagging behind. Even though some advancement has taken place, still it is not sufficient enough. 

Another factor is the diversity of the products. More diversity in woven products should penetrate in other foreign markets. This will help to achieve a more market share of woven products.

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