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Why Choose Dhaka Fareast as Your Preferred Garment Manufacturer?



Finding the right supplier can be nerve-wracking. Because if this goes wrong it will slow down the entire business. If you end up with a manufacturer who is unconcerned about the quality of the clothes they will supply you with, you may lose customers, incur losses, and regret the day you signed their contract.


This is where Dhaka Fareast LTD comes in. We strive to be the best apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh to our customers.  As we leave no stone unturned to provide quality services they deserve. 

In this blog, you will discover more reasons why Dhaka Fareast is your reliable garment manufacturer from Bangladesh.

 Dedicated Quality control team 

Quality has to be the utmost priority.  Rather than just claiming to be the best apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh, our finished product will give you the evidence.  We monitor every step from cutting to shipping. This also plays one of the key factors to give deliveries on time

We have a variety of products

If you go through our product list, you will be to see we are working with a variety of products.  Whether you are searching for knitwear suppliers or sportswear in Bangladesh you will find it here. Working with us will save you time as you do not have to jump to different suppliers to get your work done. 

We are responsive 

The key to a successful partnership is communication. This is something that a good manufacturer should be aware of. The language barrier is one of the challenges any manufacturer faces when working with international clients. Being an apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh for years we have overcome this barrier. We provide you with a variety of contact options. We are available at all times for our client’s questions and concerns. 

We have certified 

Certifications that show the status of those who have demonstrated their knowledge and provide employers with a benchmark against which to evaluate job candidates. Plus it shows we have taken measures to make everything legalize. Thus no chance to get fraud. Yet, get determined that you want to import clothes from Bangladesh.


A pro tip: Never, ever, ever rush. Chances of making mistakes will increase. Do not enter into a contract with the first manufacturer who sends you an email or offers you a low price. Take your time and ask around before making a decision.

Strong customer background 

If you visit our client’s portfolio you will find out we have worked with reputed companies. The reason to provide this information is to make our claims credible. We are successful to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers by not only providing high-quality products also excellent customer service. That’s why we have become a renowned clothing exporter in Bangladesh.

We are accountable

When it comes to business, it’s also important to be accountable. Your manufacturer may not be perfect, but if they have an accountable team, it’s worth giving them a shot. Mistakes do happen, and some manufacturers simply flee when they do. But we have proved to our client that we are a reliable apparel manufacturer in Dhaka. If any inconveniences happen we talk to our clients and take action which is in the best interest of both parties.   


Your supplier can make or break your business, so it’s important to pick the best one you can. 

Dhaka Fareast LTD  can be your ultimate go-to supplier for your fashion house.  Still, got doubts? Then the best way to improve your chances of finding a good supplier is to make sure your needs are clear upfront, ask questions, and keep an open mind when evaluating bids.

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