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Bangladesh is a top producer of women’s clothing, known for quality, low prices, and variety. Several areas stand out for their expertise, infrastructure, and resources.


As the capital and economic center, Dhaka is key to the industry. It hosts many clothing factories and textile mills, making it a production and export hub. The city’s good location, infrastructure, and skilled labor elevate its importance. It offers a range of clothing, from mass production to high fashion.


Gazipur, near Dhaka, is known for its garment factories and parks. It benefits from Dhaka’s transportation and logistics, making production and distribution efficient. It focuses on ready-to-wear items like tops, bottoms, and dresses. These meet global quality and labor standards.


Chittagong, the second-largest city and a major seaport, is also important. Its location aids in exporting women’s clothing worldwide. Factories produce knitwear, woven garments, and special textiles. The port and infrastructure support material imports and product exports.


This city, known for jute, also excels in textile and garment production. It focuses on high-quality fabrics and crafts. Factories make ethnic wear, traditional dresses, sarees, and salwar kameez. Skilled artisans maintain old weaving and dyeing traditions. This adds to the unique designs.


Near Dhaka, Savar is growing in women’s clothing manufacturing. It attracts factories and mills with affordable space. Savar specializes in casual wear, like t-shirts and tops, for both local and global markets.


Known for garment factories and mills, Ashulia focuses on knitwear. It produces sweaters, cardigans, and tops. Advanced technology ensures quality and intricate designs.


Tongi, near Gazipur, is another major player. It houses factories producing outerwear, sportswear, and fashion accessories. Its location and good transport links are attractive to manufacturers.

Finally, these places drive innovation and meet market demands. They maintain ethical standards, ensuring Bangladesh’s global leadership in women’s clothing.

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