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High visibility clothing is very important for keeping workers safe in places with low light or moving vehicles. There are three classes of high visibility clothing, each made for specific safety needs. Employers and workers need to know about these classes to pick the right clothing for their workplace.

Class 1: Basic Visibility

Class 1 clothes give basic visibility and work well in places with low risks, little traffic, and daylight. They are vests, shirts, or jackets with some reflective material to make workers a bit easier to see.

Class 2: Intermediate Visibility

Class 2 clothes offer better visibility and are for workers near faster traffic or in complex places. They have more fluorescent and reflective material, making workers easier to see from different angles. Road workers, utility workers, and emergency responders often wear Class 2 clothes.

Class 3: Maximum Visibility

Class 3 clothes give the most visibility and are for places with high risks or workers close to fast traffic. They have a lot of fluorescent and reflective material, making workers very visible in all conditions. Highway workers, tow truck drivers, and emergency workers on busy roads often wear Class 3 clothes.

Color and Material Rules

All high visibility clothes must have specific colors and materials to work well. During the day, workers wear fluorescent colors like yellow, orange, or lime green. At night or in low light, reflective materials made of glass beads or prismatic tape help workers be seen.

Using at Work

Employers must check how risky the workplace is to pick the right class of clothing. Workers near moving vehicles or big machines need Class 3 clothes for the most visibility and protection.

Taking Care of Clothes

Regularly looking after and replacing high visibility clothes is very important for them to keep working well. Check the clothes often for damage and replace them right away if there are any problems. Wash the clothes as per the instructions to keep their color and reflective properties.

Learning and Training

Knowing how to use high visibility clothing is crucial for worker safety. Employers should train workers on when and where to wear it, how to use it correctly, and why it helps prevent accidents and injuries.

Keeping Workers Safe with High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing is key to keeping workers safe. By knowing the three classes of clothing, checking workplace risks, and giving proper training, employers can make the workplace safer and reduce the chances of accidents and injuries.

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