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Top 5 Clothing Exporter Countries in 2021



Every country’s economic progress is heavily influenced by the clothing industry. People dress up to show off their culture to the rest of the world. Most importantly, in these days and times, people are quite natty and trendy. As a result, the demand for the garment’s goods is steadily expanding.


As a result of the growing demand, countries all over the world are producing and selling clothing. We will discuss some of the world’s top clothing exporters countries in this article. So, without further ado, let’s get this conversation going.


Every country has at least one garment manufacturer to meet the country’s minimum demand. However, they aren’t all world-class. The top 5 clothing exporter countries in the world according to the index are given below,



Since 1993, China’s clothing industry has become the world’s top maker and exporter. This country makes $118.5 billion from garment manufacture.  And produces 52.2% of worldwide garment products.


It manufactures the highest-quality raw materials as well as finished or ready-to-use products. Low-cost production, advanced high-tech machinery make them top exporters.


Furthermore, they employ cutting-edge technologies and a large workforce in their manufacturing. That is why they have amassed more than half of the global market share and continue to do so.


You might be shocked to learn that Germany is the runner-up in the garment exports race. This country’s annual export value is almost $40 billion.


It wasn’t the same as previously, though. They have recently altered their mindset. Their primary goal was to produce as many things as possible while keeping the price low.


However, their primary concentration currently is on making high-quality goods. They also have cutting-edge technologies. As a result, we can conclude that Germany has a strong chance of becoming the industry’s leader in the future.


Bangladesh made its place in the world’s leading garment exporters. Until 2018, this country was the second-largest exporter of clothing. Now it is ranked third in the world for clothing makers. The strength of the Bangladeshi clothing exporters is its low labor costs and large workforce. Thus achieving third place in the top clothing exporter’s list.


In Bangladesh, this industry employs roughly 20 million people. It is always the finest option for individuals looking to import high-quality garment products at a reduced cost.


Vietnam is the fourth largest garment manufacturing country in the world. The value of their exports is estimated to be over $38 billion. They have two reasons to make a place in this ranking. First, Vietnamese fabrics are of far higher quality. They have a segment of the population that has a preference for high-end goods. Secondly, they throw better price deals in major markets.


India is also ranked among the top 5 garment exporters countries in the world. There are two components to their garment industry. The organized sector, which comprises handloom, sericulture, and handicraft, is the first.

The second is well-organized producing yarn, fabric, and clothing. The unorganized sector is far more competitive. Their export revenue is $37.11 billion. As a result of import, this can be a good choice.

  Final Thoughts

Currently, these are the top 5 clothing exporter countries in the world. Clothing is important in our lives as a symbol of nobility and as one of the most fundamental human requirements.


As a result, the clothing sector is extremely important to every country. We’ve included the top 5 garment-producing countries in the world in this blog.


If you are an importer or exporter, you will be able to make a buying decision after reading this blog.

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