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Technology Trends Transforming the Garment Industry in 2021



In recent years the apparel manufacturing industries have gone through drastic change. The main influence for this amazing change is the modern technologies. In a garment factory, advanced technology plays a part to make the final delivery more perfect than before. In view of the faster and easier product delivery the advanced technology has great contribution. Moreover, the researchers show that the garment production increased almost 74% after entering the current technology trend. Here, this article is focused on the technology trend of 2021 in the garment manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Technology Trend in Garments Manufacturer Companies

  • Blockchain: For maintaining transparency and clarity in the supply chain, the garments are using blockchain. Whenever any product moves from the storage, the track record is kept by the block chain. Besides, it creates a physical-digital link as it is used to read digital identifications on products.
  • Artificial intelligence: The algorithm of artificial intelligence is important for fashion and design in apparel manufacturing companies. Notably, AI is used to get a clear interest and style preferences of the target audiences. Similarly, for digital showroom and virtual designs, outsourcing garment manufacturing companies utilize AI.
  • Automation: In huge production, automation plays an important role in garment factories. Sewing, cutting, preparing button holes, seam bonding and in many steps automation is used. In Bangladesh and many Asian clothing manufacturers use automation in making clothes to reduce human effort.
  • 3D design: In pre-production, the garments clothing manufacturers are now using 3D design and rendering. To ensure the perfect size and shape 3D helps. For example- looser or tighter collar, curved dress body, sleeve etc. are adjusted by this technology before final production. By the same token, 3D printing and cutting has been getting popular for a long time.
  • Gerber garment technology: Clothing related software and automation systems are raised with Gerber technology. Managing the supply chain to virtual garment draping, graphics, composites and managing systems all are managed with this technology. So, in a very short time Gerber garment technology has become a buzzword in the garment factories.
  • Wearable technology: Using wearable technologies has increased tremendously in current years. This impact has fallen on garment clothing manufacturers also. Thus the vast majority of the readymade garment dominated as wearables. For instance- smart sports bras, massage belts, slimming undergarments for fat loss, clothing with sensors and similar garment factories are raised for premier users.

Closing Thoughts

All things considered, it is clear that these trends will dominate in the textile industry in upcoming years. Generally speaking, the cut and sew garments tradition in Asian clothing manufacturers has changed a lot. Nowadays, the garment clothing manufacturers combine technologies in production for maintaining accuracy and faster delivery. So, a job in the garment industry has become a lot easier than previous years. The whole garment industry, even the clothing manufacturers for small businesses are going through this technological transition period. For keeping a better place in this industry, skill in technology will help the most in future.

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