Dhaka Fareast Ltd.

Check out online business directories for company listings. Websites like Export Genius offer garment company lists. Just go to these sites, search, and browse companies.

Government Trade Websites

Check out government trade websites for lists of registered businesses. The BGMEA website is a great resource for garment info. These websites provide details like contact info and specialties.

Industry Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Checking out industry trade shows is a great way to gather information. These events share catalogs and participant lists, featuring garment companies. You’ll stay updated on the industry and network with partners.

Business Networking Platforms

Try using LinkedIn and Bangladesh Business Chamber of Commerce. They list companies, including garment manufacturers and exporters. Search for keywords to find potential business contacts.

Local Business Associations

To find garment companies in Bangladesh, connect with local business groups. Look into associations like BGMEA or Dhaka Chamber of Commerce. They have directories and details on registered companies. Reaching out to them can give current information.

Industry Publications and Magazines

Check out industry magazines listing top garment companies. They showcase key players, emerging businesses, and trends. Reading online and offline publications gives insights on Bangladesh’s garment industry.

Looking for garment companies in Bangladesh? Check online directories, trade shows, and industry publications. They’re great for finding potential partners.

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