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What Kind of Apparel Does Dhaka Fareast Ltd Manufacture?



Dhaka Fareast, a clothing exporter in Bangladesh has successfully supplied ready-made clothing items to its valuable customers over the years. This garment manufacturing company is making a variety of apparel items. Thus, it is an ever-growing company with the aim to be the best manufacturer in Bangladesh. 

In this article, we will discuss the items we are tailoring for our clients. 

1. Menswear 

As a clothing wholesaler exporter, we have got you covered for a gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether you want dresses for events or offices, we can make that for you. We make cufflinks, formal shirts, blazers, and pants. Not only this, if you want something fancy we manufacture khaki clothes, knitwear, long coats, flannel suits, vests, waistcoats, and jackets. If you need more options in jacket items please visit our jacket profile

We have a collection of casual menswear as well.  Casual wear is something where you can express your style and be comfortable. So, as a clothing manufacturer exporter, our manufactured clothes can give you both.

We manufacture T-shirts, polo t-shirts and rugby polo Shirts. You also get different kinds of sweatshirts from us. For instance – knitted sweatshirts, crewnecks, athletic, zippered, mock neck, and fleece. There are much more in us. Explore as a clothing exporter in the world. If you want more options, just contact us!

2. Womenswear 

We tailor luxury to casual womenswear. Whether you want a long knitted french coat to stay warm outdoors, female sweatshirts and trousers to stay comfy at the home.

We also manufacture different types of nightwear. That makes sure they are super comfortable to help you sleep. Besides, you will find nightshirts, jumpsuits, shorts-bottoms, nightgowns, pajama sets, and bathrobes/night robes here. From our catalog and designs for every kind of dress, you just choose what kind of dress you want. Leave the rest on us!

3. Gym wears

The fabric for gym wear has to be super stretchable. It is usually polyester and nylon that will be durable, scratch-free, and let you work out comfortably. When you make gyms wear we take care of the three mentioned points. We make leggings, sports bras, vests, gym shorts, track pants, and sweatpants.  

4. Hi-Vis 

We cover casual Hi-vis attires and Hi-vis workwear. For instance- sweatshirts, polo T-shirts, hoodies which include zips and pockets. Our fabric includes 100% hi-vis fabric which makes it durable. That’s why you should import any clothing item from Bangladesh. 

Hi-vis workwear includes pants, jackets, jumpers, and vests. We usually made Hi-Vis in 3 different colors: orange, green, and pink. In case you need more options, we are just one knock away.

5. Different types of Beanies

Whether you want a knitted Beanie to keep you warm or hard windproof fleece to keep you protected we can manufacture for you. You can wear this beanie for outings or sports. They will give a fashionable look. 

Your Reliable exporter for clothing business

Choose us from a list of reliable garment suppliers in Bangladesh. For any type of wholesale clothing, you can count on us. We are utilizing the latest technology and professionals to make eco-friendly products. Our designers can also help you to decide what kind of designs you want to customize for your products. So, you can get any design, size, and color bulk products from Dhaka Fareast LTD.

Final Words

Last but not the least, we understand the drawbacks of a business if they are aligned with a bad manufacturer. In Dhaka Fareast LTD, we are dedicated and accountable for our work. So, get us by searching ‘clothing manufacturers near me’ on a search engine.

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