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A Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Promotional T-Shirt



Promotional T-shirts have become one of the popular ways to do branding. And why not? It’s a very cost-effective way. People are literally roaming around wearing your company name. Not only for branding but promotional T-shirts are needed for events and marketing campaigns. It spreads awareness and strengthens unity. For cheap labor and raw materials, apparel exporters in Bangladesh have become famous across the world. 

If you dig deep you will find more reasons why T-shirts are a good idea for promotions and branding. But how do you choose the perfect T-shirt that serves your purpose? 

In this blog, we will give you some guidelines that will help you to choose products from garment manufacturers and traders. 

1. Have a checklist of questions before choosing T-shirts from fashion garment manufacturer 

Have a detailed idea before you pick your customized design. Ask yourself the questions before starting the design- 

  • What’s the purpose of it? Is it for branding/ events? Campaigns? 
  • What kind of event will it be? Is it going to be a casual or formal affair?
  • Is the event going to be held inside or outside?
  • What kind of event do you need T-shirts for?  
  • What kind of weather will be when the event takes place? 

Next, you have to find a garment manufacturer & exporter for those T-shirts. For manufacturing, garments accessories manufacturers in Bangladesh got your back. They can provide any kind of customized T-shirts you want.  

2. Are promotional T-shirts for casual events or formal?

If you are giving away to employees/corporate events for branding then formal T-shirts are most suitable. Formal T-shirts are usually with collars and have their brand name as polo. They are well-fitted and from knitted cotton fabric. 

If the t-shirts are for casual wear like a picnic, or home then you can choose colorful cotton fabric for it. This t-shirt is a perfect choice for any activity that requires moderate exertion. 

T-shirts like this need for everything from summer camps to retail sales to employee uniforms to anything else that needs a fashionable look. As a result, this shirt has a more tailored fit and a more comfortable feel due to the lighter material and jersey blend.

3. Promotional T-shirts for sports events

For athletic events, it is better to provide T-shirts made with polyester or synthetic. This makes them durable and stretchable. Which makes it compatible with performing athletic sports. These T-shirts are high-performance t-shirts. With the ongoing demand, you can get bulk products even hard hit in Covid situation

4. Sweatshirts or T-shirts

This is the reason to consider the weather before choosing any.  Because it is obvious people will not wear hoodies if it is warm outside. If it is chilly outside, especially outdoor sweatshirts are more appropriate. Also for casual events, like family events, friends, or camping. Sweatshirts are considered more stylish than T-shirts. But this is costlier to make than T-shirts. 

A garment manufacturer in Bangladesh can help you to save money because they are very affordable. Also, they have a reputation for giving delivery on time. 


Customized t-shirts are the most effective way to do branding. The key is that you produce a t-shirt that your clients would enjoy wearing outdoors. So, both the print and fabric have to be of high quality. Bangladesh garment manufacturers & exporters association helps to trade bulk professional T-shirts. Get your reliable business partner from garments manufacturer & exporter of Bangladesh.

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