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5 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Relationship with Knitwear Suppliers



When you first start out a fashion business it can be hard to know what is important. There are so many things to do that it’s difficult to know where you should focus your time and attention. The worst thing you can do, however, is fail to plan. Planning will help keep your business safe and ensure that you don’t waste any time or money.


 Here are five tips for avoiding failure when you are dealing with a knitwear supplier.

  • Have a Sample ready 

You want to choose a supplier that can produce the correct size and fit. If your company is selling to retailers who will alter the garment as needed, then you should pick a supplier that fits your garments on average-sized customers. Always have a sample made before placing an order so you can make sure it’s exactly as you want. Remember, quality is key! You don’t want to sell high-end goods of poor quality at a price point your customer won’t appreciate.

  • Avoid Communication Gap 


A Case Study of a clothing company that was suffering from communication gaps with its supplier. There were several issues like late deliveries, wrong sizes, wrong designs, and more. The quality of the end product suffered. This resulted in loss of sales to the business.

There is an easy fix for this problem. Have monthly video conferences with your suppliers. Using video chat services like Skype or Facetime, you can quickly and easily have important discussions about your products and future projects without having to spend time traveling or setting up meeting times.

  • Do not make late payments 

While it may seem apparent, this one is worth mentioning. Many producers operate constantly on the tiny margins that depend on your cash flow. By consistently paying on time, your knitwear exporter will create confidence and make you a valuable customer. 

In some circumstances, having a solid history of payment could give you better prices or better terms that would allow you to pay for longer. Wholesale knitwear suppliers may track your payment history and give you a bad grade if you are known to pay at a late date on their customer relationship. This will have a bad effect on your brand.

  • Align with the budget

Set a budget and decide how far you can change. Then ask the producer whether they can satisfy it. A detailed breakdown is required to guarantee that the total manufacturing price does not extend to sky rockets. The easiest method to get to this is to ask for costs per unit. 

Sadly, before the first sample is generated it is sometimes difficult to calculate. Preferably divide the costs into groups with differing components of clothing (e.g. fabrics, trim, accessories, print, labor).

  • Find the right knitwear Manufacturer

It’s one of the most important factors if you plan to avoid failure. When discussing the sort of clothing you intend to make to a manufacturer, make sure to ask about their past experience. Did they manufacture similar items?  Attempt to get as much information as possible. Can they mention any of the brands with whom they collaborated? Is there anything in the way of photos or links? Reach out to the best clothing manufacturer company for a better experience. 

It’s not a reason to give up just because the manufacturer of your choice has never completed similar orders. Just remember that they, like you, are finding it out as they go.


Remember it’s okay to fail, nobody becomes an expert in one day! You don’t have to be an expert in the fashion business to work. But you need to grasp how design and clothing works. You will have to look for such guidance rather than rely on your garment maker to file knowledge gaps for you when you want assistance and/or consultation in any aspect of your company strategy or your designs.

There is no ideal method to do something, and errors will continue, but you can avoid a large number (particularly the most costly ones) if you study and investigate in advance.

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