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5 Exclusive Tips to Choose the Right Knitwear



Struggling with what to wear in knit? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place as this blog will help you out with that. Thinking of a knit fabric you can visualize the image of homely cozy cardigan outfits. Whereas, knitwears have the most versatile styled element. Thus, in FY 2020-21, knitwear suppliers in Bangladesh export grew by 21.94% to $16.9 billion. Which is 43.76% of the total export is possible only because of the hardworking labor force of our knit industry. We all are gonna agree that the choice of outfit shows a lot about your personality. Sometimes people may not find it important. However, a good outfit brings a good mood with great confidence.  Here are some essential tips for you to choose the right knitwear.

1.Appropriate Outfit for the Right Occasion

This material is suitable for different styles, functions, and comfort. Wearing a dress can boost your confidence because you look beautiful. A casual outfit will be unique from partywear. For example- office-going people can try a professional and formal look. Knit tees, bikini, hat, crewnecks, shirts with flannel, and fine knits can help you while avoiding strong bright colors. You will get cheap knitwear for women online. Also, reasonable knit garments are found from nearby knitwear garments.   

2.Knitwears According to the Bodytype

Knitwear can complement different body types. This task will be much easier if you know your body shape. It becomes a real excitement when you are going for a new look. It will take some experimentation to figure out which type of wear works best for you. For instance- if you want to highlight the lower body parts and legs, wear a pair of fitted jeans with a loose sweater or fleece pullover. Otherwise, use a ranched jumper t-shirt to frame your body which will flatter the waistline. Complement your upper body with slim, light sweaters and tops that are made of stylish knits and have different neck styles. Get along with the perfect fitting knitwear pants from your knitwear exporter in Bangladesh

3. Garment Fit for Your Closet

Clothes are your second skin. It is important to choose clothes with the right measurements. You can’t create a chic look by wearing an oversized top and baggy pants. These dresses will hide the curves of your complementary body.  On the other hand, tight-fitting clothes can make you uncomfortable. So with measurements, you can choose knitwear that fits well. This way you will look amazing in every style you want to carry.

4. Weight & Texture

The weight and texture of the knitwear can make a lot of difference. Knitwear manufacturers of Bangladesh work day and night to create durable and quality garments. Dresses made from this fabric can flatter anyone’s body. The look of fine weaves is way more distinctive than the chunkier ones. Again focusing on your body shape will change the texture of your wear. Voluminous and heavy knits look good on top if you are tall. Otherwise, go with fine knits as heavy ones will overwhelm your curves.

5. Color & Pattern

Knitwear is the most versatile pick to create any look. Celebrity stylists always create some unique looks based on protégés. Seasonal colors and patterns are great to play with and wear. The pattern will come according to your height. If you are petite go for the small pattern. Again the same goes for tall people who should focus on medium to large style patterns. Choose more neutral colors that will make your outfit timeless yet elegant. Don’t be afraid to adopt a new look with some bright colors. Get the perfect one from your knit supplier


Styles with knitwear are always on trend. Because of knitted fabric suppliers, the knitwear exporter in Bangladesh is flourishing. So you can find the most suitable outfit for you without worrying about fashion with different variations.

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