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10 Surprising Insights into the Garments Manufacturing World



Interested in the garment industry? Curious about what goes on behind the scenes? The things are not always silky and smooth like a fine piece of clothing. It has many controversial aspects too. Yet, the garment manufacturers deal with all these to demonstrate their work.

In this article, discover some of the most interesting insights and figures related to this trillion dollars industry.


  1. Do you know cotton is one of the most used natural fibers in the world? You will find that it is the most used thing in your home as well.  Towels to napkins, bed sheets to your home attire are mostly made of cotton. Due to its adaptability and low-maintenance characteristics a garment clothing exporter chooses cotton most.

  2. Many countries are heavily dependent on the garments industry. It’s been one of the biggest economic contributors for countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.

  3. Speaking of the garment industry, China has the largest textile and apparel industry. It itself produces around 54% of textiles worldwide production. Not only China is renowned for the garment industry, but it is also notorious for being the 3rd most water-wasting country. According to a report, they waste 2.5 billion of water every year.

  4. The above points clearly drew the next fact. That is the garment industry is one of the most important industries in the world and it’s also the second-most polluting industry in the world.  It’s not surprising, is it? The clothes we wear have a massive impact on our environment. The fashion industry is largely unregulated and produces an estimated 300 million tons of textile waste every year. 60% of all clothes made in China are discarded after only one wearing, and 95% of cotton is grown organically.

  5. Every country has to pay compensation for its textile industry for polluting this earth. Because this industry is a major contributor to air pollution. As they release hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde, nickel, benzene, and others when they are manufactured. Germany pays the highest compensation fees, where the Philippines pays the lowest.

  6. Now you know about the largest exporters, but which country is the biggest importer? It’s the USA. Who do they import from? It’s almost (50%). Others come from other developing countries that provide a cheap workforce.  It’s also the biggest fashion consumer in the world. On average women spend 1793 dollars a year on fashion. In fact, one out of every fourteen people in the world buys clothing and footwear every month.  This makes the industry a global powerhouse for fashion and textiles manufacturing.

  7. Speaking of clothes, which is the most expensive fiber in the world?  It’s vicuna wool. Because it’s very rare, and hard to obtain. The price range is almost 1800 to 3000 per yard. Yet, it is known as a premium garment manufacturer’s fabric.

  8. The garment industry in Bangladesh is the second largest industry with the cheapest workforce. This is one of the competitive advantages a clothing exporter of Bangladesh gets. Roughly around 3.7 million people are working in manufacturing – that is more than the entire population of Malaysia!

  9. Nike is the largest apparel business in the world. Their revenue was over $30.6 billion in 2015 and over 63,000 employees.

  10. Textile piracy is a very dirty thing. It significantly harms other countries, especially Ghana. They are losing 150 million a year because of counterfeit products from China.

Final words

Vegans and ethics are new trends in the garment manufacturing business. As a result, the garment manufacturers and traders are also trying to evolve. Already, the fashion industry has taken some steps to become more sustainable. Most garment manufacturers’ machines are eco-friendly.  So, it still has a long way to go before it can be considered environmentally friendly.

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