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Why Knitwear Became So Popular in 2021?



Knitwear is a type of clothing that is made of knitted fabrics. Every knitwear supplier produces school uniforms, corporate dresses, and even baby knitwear. Knitwear was introduced by Coco Channel in 1916 with her collection of striped cashmere knitwear. Cashmere became a luxury knitted item long ago and it still remains a symbol of luxury. Also, for light and soft texture, it gives great comfort. Yet, Cashmere is a costly item today. The cost depends on how rare Cashmere yarns are. Over time, knitwear became popular with clothing lines to knit by different designers.

Reasons for the popularity of Knitwear

  • Trendy design: In recent years knitwear has become a trending fashion. New designers are revamping “old-fashioned” practices as a high-fashion art form. Besides, knits can be styled in a versatile manner. For example, they can be worn in a casual setting as well as a formal one. So, for maintaining trends knitwear manufacturers and suppliers choose knit over any fabrics.
  • Suitable for all seasons: With advanced modern technology, knitted fabrics have been transformed. They are now well suited for both winter and summer weather. Therefore, they have become a part of everyday wear. Especially among knitwear uniform suppliers.  
  • Elasticity: Another fact of knitwear is elasticity. Knit items can be easy to compress and pack inside tiny bags. Due to their elastic nature knitted fabrics do not get wrinkled at all. These types of clothes spring back into their original shape. 
  • Easy wash: Knits have very low maintenance compared to other fabrics. Almost all knitted sweaters are machine washable. 
  • Durability: You can use knitwear for a long time. With the consistency of color, you can use these types of clothes over years.

Worldwide Knit Wears Manufacturers & Exporters

According to the 2019 data survey, the top three wholesale knitwear suppliers were China ($18.9B), Bangladesh ($5.71B), and Vietnam ($4.25B). The Chinese exporters are at the top because of the low production cost. Also, they dominate the global market with large production. The important fact is they have access to modern edge machinery and huge raw material supplies.

On the other hand, Vietnamese knitwear suppliers rise within the top exporters’ list. They have low labor costs compared to other exporters. Also, they have specialized industries for the production of their products that have modernized production. However, Bangladesh is the best place to get a fashionable and high-quality knitwear manufacturer for business purposes.

Bangladeshi exporters ensure top-notch quality. With an eco-friendly process, they provide a vast collection of knitwear. Besides, they offer vast options for customization. Also, they provide the highest quality and the most cost-efficient products. Thus in Bangladesh knitwear manufacturers become the most reliable knitwear suppliers and exporters worldwide.

Final words

Knitwear is the name of comfort and elegance over the years. Yet in recent times, the knitwear business is booming. Moreover, the pandemic has given a rise to the popularity of knitwear in high-end fashion. It has a rising product demand in the market as people try to keep up with the trend. So, if you are planning to invest in the knitwear business, then do not worry about finding a source of supply. Your door is always open for knit garments manufacturers & exporters across the world.

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