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6 Effective Ways to Address COVID-19 Challenges in the Garment Industry



Research shows 86% of garment businesses faced order drops due to the Covid-19. It is proof that the garment sector has faced the hardest strike during the pandemic. The main problem is, we do not know when it will over. So, it would be best if you prepared your garments business for this uncertain journey. Focusing on the obstacles that you are dealing with today; you have to prepare for the future.

Here, we develop a brief overview to improve working conditions in garment factories.

  • Reduce your cost: Many companies have already shut down in Covid-19. Because they cannot bear the expenses anymore. To avoid this, you must cut down your fewer necessary costs; even they are small. Review everything about your factory to plan and budget them. In this crisis, employees are afraid of losing their job. Yet, in this crisis, they will be helped out by lowering their wages. If you do not minimize your expenses, you may face bankruptcy.
  • Maintain governmental regulations: To protect and prepare your employees for working in the pandemic, provide flu-prevention materials like- sanitizer, masks, soap, etc., for stuff in the workplace. Train and encourage them to follow the government regulations to prevent Covid-19 in factories and workplaces. Also, brief your employees precisely about your initiatives of working conditions in garment factories. Put on posters about COVID-19 awareness at the doorway, offices, cafeterias, and worksites. Use newsletters and what you’re doing about the outbreak to share your plans. If you fail to maintain the rules and regulations, you may face shutting down the factory. It will hamper the reputation of your company, and you may lose customers.
  • Emphasize online sales and presence:People are using online shopping more than before in fear of contamination. So, you have to keep a strong presence of your business online. Make sure your online presence seems professional, friendly, and effective. Otherwise, it will become difficult to get back your business normal. For accessibility from different countries, you can keep different languages on your website. Also, you have to add an internationally accepted payment gateway like Pioneer or PayPal.
  • Innovate and develop new ideas or collections: You must think about something new to present yourself for this uncertain situation. You may lose business if you don’t evolve. A producer must always be cost-effective and efficient. Various existing breakthroughs can assist you in optimizing the production process by using, for instance, human resources applications and updated tools. Besides, some unique designs or approaches and appealing products may help you to grow your pandemic sale. Innovative developments should enable you to distinguish yourself from all other competitors.
  • Social Media Communication: Due to pandemics, the buyers will avoid face-to-face contact. Even you may have to stay in self-quarantine. In that case, you have to collaborate and communicate with your clients on social media. For this, you have to train your staff with the updated technologies. To show your new investments and actions, social media like Facebook, Linked In, and YouTube are the best way.
  • Manufacture certified musk and PPE: The most demanding item in Covid-19 is face musk. In medical services, PPE is mandatory across the world. So, you have to understand the certification and type of mask and PPE. Before starting the production, you need to check the need of where your products are selling in.

Final thought

The global apparel industry is shattered due to Covid-19. While taking the steps, you have to work for survival as well as future growth. As we do not know when this pandemic will end, it is better to prepare for the future battle. As a preparation for this pandemic, Dhaka Fareast LTD has prepared their workplace with the safety protocols. So, for garment products the clients will find this company a safe home for their business.

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