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Cutting is the first step of manufacturing the clothing. With the help of template and cutting tool fabrics are cut out from lays of fabrics in this process. This processing stage contains sectioning, twisting and layering the fabrics.

In Dhaka Fareast LTD, we have both manual to automatic cutting capability. For flexible handling and small-batch cutting, we prefer manual cutting. Besides, sensitive fabrics are safer to cut out layers by hand. On the other side, big batch fabrics with high-end notches are prepared in automatic cutting. We use Gerber Garment Technology for high accuracy and cutting of huge fabrics at a time.

It has GGT Auto Cutter: 1 nos GGT & Morgan Auto Spreader : 3 nos
Capable to cut : 30,000 pcs

Researchers found that almost 15% of fabrics are wasted in the cutting room. To prevent this wastage, our skilled team maintains consistent cutting. We ensure a clean-edge cut of fabrics that are needed for good sewing.